Ink Pads Direct

Ink Pads Direct

Coming soon in 2018.

Ink Pad Direct will feature information about rubber stamp ink pads, refill inks, and self-inking and pre-inked replacement pads at exceptional prices. Ink Pad Direct will also feature information and articles for rubber stamping and scrapbooking enthusiasts.

Sure. Anyone can visit any number of rubber stamp pad related websites. However, will those websites have the pizzaz of Ink Pad Direct?

We like to think not!

A Crafters Paradise

Ink Pad Direct is the online community for rubber stamp enthusiasts and crafters of all interests and skill levels. Whether you're an enthusiastic, creative stamper looking for the perfect place to share your scrapbooking experiences online and solicit feedback, or you are a office working searching for the best pricing on rubber stamp ink pads, Ink Pad Direct is the website for you!

Ink Pad Direct will also feature articles about all aspects of rubber stamping and how to fully enjoy stamping. All genres of ink pad stamping will be welcome on Ink Pad Direct, including scrapbooking, rubber stamping, custom stamping, office stamping, refill ink, and much more.

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Rubber Stamp Links

Ink Pad Direct is all about supporting other websites. We know we are just a small fish in the greater ocean of technology. If you are looking for a great website that features tons of homemade rubber stamp ideas, try Etsy. The website has great craft ideas that cover just about every aspect of rubber stamps and more. Another great resource of stamping ideas can be found at StampIn. Probably the best and most comprehensive website detailing all aspects of rubber stamping is found at Addicted to Rubber Stamps. They offer over one million papercrafting items from more than 300 companies, including rubber stamps, stickers, papers and scrapbooking supplies with a satisfaction guarantee you will love.